April 23, 2014

Tutorial: How to digitally paint in Photoshop

Here’s the deal: I learned how to paint digitally on my own. Sure, it’s something I’m proud of, but truthfully, it sucked. Not to date myself, but my art school didn’t teach digital painting. I had zero guidance. So, I’m passing on my so-called wisdom through this tutorial so you can learn the wonders of drawing digitally.

When I try to learn something, I like it to be as simple and as visual as possible. So, here are steps on how to paint using Photoshop, and to learn the magic known as the Clipping Mask Tool. If you don’t have a drawing tablet but have access to a scanner, just scan your line art and skip to Step #3! Make sure all coloring layers are BELOW your Line Art!

Click on an image to open the gallery.

You can download a PDF version of this tutorial for FREE at the Downloads section of this website.

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